Question of the day

It occurs to me that there are very few individuals
in this world who are truly strong. This is a letter of thanks to
those who refuse to be manipulated by weak persons bent on achieving
only one thing: the complete avoidance of taking responsibility
for their own actions. The connivers who seek to use a good man or
woman for the purpose of escaping the consequences of their own
idiotic behaviour. This is a letter of condolence and pity to the ones
who are inherently good and strong but are weak where it matters
most. These who allow themselves to be used by those with no honor.

They who delude themselves into thinking that they are not being
preyed upon by women who think nothing of using past feelings or
nothing of taking advantage of someone to make themselves feel
cherished and cared for. Those who are able to sleep easy at night,
undisturbed by such notions as pride or self worth.To the women of deep
abiding honor, this is a letter of empathy and sisterhood, for I am with
you. To those too strong in every way but one, our fragile china hearts.
We who feel so much so strongly, that were we to
allow ourselves to be in constant need of rescuing by a man, would
never be able to hold our heads up and look anyone in the eyes
without shame.

To those men whose hearts are pure, who refuse to
allow themselfves to be swayed by pretty words and crocodile tears,
this is my comfort to you. My brethren, the ones with scarred,
sentient souls whose kindness knows no bounds but whose conviction
runs deep, instilling in them the confidence to stand up to weak
spirited, insipid, missish, passive-agressives who fail to recognize
the true intelligence and worth of a real man. My soulmates,
who have the courage and the wherewithall to stand up for the
women whose rare honor matches their own.
For my sister, the one who is independant of any man,
but whose spirit pines for the one who is strong enough for her. My
sister in the millenia old connection which transcends the accident
of birth and mere blood relation. I am for you, my family in heart.

Every single person I know is described here. I leave
to you to decide for yourself and be brutally honest, as to which
side of the fence you stand on. For honor has no middle ground and no
halfway. If you try to straddle this particular fence you will be
electrocuted. There is no room for ambiguity here folks.

If this letter has run chills up your spine or
touched some hidden away corner of you, I offer my hugs to you for
it means we have found a kindred in one another. If it has pissed
you off, perhaps you want to ask yourself why? Did it strike a
strident off-key chord in your psyche, stirring unpleasant images
of realization that you are either the manipulator, or perhaps the
weak souled man who has just seen a good portion of his delusional
wall of strength and invulnerability tumble down?
It is not for me to judge you or pigeon hole you
into a nice neat little category, you must make your own distinctions.

But I will tell you this…This letter is a simultaneous salute and
a FUCK YOU to everyone I’ve described. Now, my question to you is…..

which one did you just receive from me??????


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