Things make sense in the end

I love the movie “Evan Almighty” – as flippant as the humor is in the movie, there’s a lesson in all of it. Morgan Freeman has some outstanding lines in the film, one of my favorites being, “When you ask God for patience, do you think he just gives you patience? Or does he give you an opportunity to be patient? When you ask for your family to be closer, do you think he fills you with warm fuzzies, or does he give you the opportunity to stick by and love one another?” That gives me the warm fuzzies every time I hear it, I don’t mind admitting.

The other lesson comes at the end of the film, when Evan is on the ark, and the weather is beautiful & sunny outside, yet he’s trying to convince people to get on the boat. He cries out, “Is it too much to ask for a LITTLE precipitation!?” Of course, God hears him and it rains for a little bit, then stops again. At this point everyone laughs at him again. Now humiliated he must be feeling. Even his own wife is telling him “Honey, you did what he asked, let’s just go.”

But you see, God knew that there was going to be a break in the dam. He knew there would BE a “flood”. It’s not the same kind of earth changing flood Noah prepared for, but a flood that would have killed many people, and animals. No one could have predicted that dam breaking. But God knew, and he prepared by using one woman’s prayer for her family to be closer together, by giving them the opportunity to learn to trust and support each other, to come together as a family.

Sometimes, even if you think you know why you’re being tested, you really don’t. And you don’t find out until after the fact that what you were being prepared for is totally different than what you thought. I have THE hardest time with this; being patient is NOT my strong suit.

I’ve got a really good friend who lost his job some time back. Then he broke his wrist. He’s been through a really tough time, and I’ve been praying for him. But it occurred to me today that maybe God knew he would break his wrist and need time to heal; and as hard as the time has been without a job, now that he’s on the mend, maybe now is the time for him to find a job to get back on track. I have to have faith that God knows what he’s doing, both in my friend’s life, and in mine.


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