Kim Davis

Dear Kim Davis,
Please continue all of your efforts on behalf of “religious” fanatics everywhere. I use that term simply because there is not one single thing remotely resembling Christ in your behavior. You are prideful, and deceitful because you are pretending that you are not being prideful. You are hateful, in your heart and that is also deceitful because you wear a different face in front of the camera. Make no mistake, this IS a performance, and rational thinking individuals are all well aware of it. 
You are a puppet, with strings being pulled by billionaire corporations and law firms who are gleefully and gluttonously counting all the dollars they are raking in at your expense. You cannot even see the strings. Or maybe you do, and simply feel the end justifies the means, as long as one “type” of person is denied the Constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. THAT is what the issue is about. It is not about suppressing your religious beliefs, flimsy as yours are; it is about every individual citizen’s right to PURSUE their happiness. The Constitution does not, of course guarantee the achievement of that happiness, only that people have the foundational right to seek it relentlessly and the government has NO right to stop them. “Even a vexatious prostitute has the right to live her own life.” ( Terry Goodkind) Wisdom you surely could benefit from, Ms. Davis. 
But please, I implore you, continue. Modify the marriage certificates. Make as BIG a stink as you can. Make it as OBVIOUS as possible that these are not original, every day, normal Rowan county marriage licenses. Put every red X you can think of, every black line you can draw. Make sure you “circle-circle-dot-dot-show the world your cootie shot”.  I want you to do this, and so does every gay couple in the world at this very moment. We need a flag, a symbol, our own chanted mantra to stir the emotions of citizens everywhere when they rally on national anniversaries of their torrid and lewd gay marriages. Something we too, can shout out into the screaming, frothing crowd, “Remember the Maine!!!” to get them fired up and ready to riot. 
Because years and even further, decades from now, when our elementary school history lessons detail the Civil Rights movement, they will remark back to this, and you, Ms Davis. Those certificates will be BATTLE FLAGS of honor, for those couples who were brave, and courageous enough to defy your sycophantic dogma and narrow minded assault on the Constitution of the United States of America – and ultimately – your complete, and utter, humiliating failure as you were defeated again, and again, and again. Those couples who have one of the precious modified licenses will be able to pass down their PRIDE and bravery, like those who stood with Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr., to their children, and grandchildren, hetero and homo-sexual alike. They can say “I was there. I was a part of it. Here is my flag.” These shall become the symbol of their triumph over bigotry. These will end up in the museums of the future, worth millions for what they symbolized, and what they ultimately helped to destroy: religiously fanatical control over the entire country, and one more giant step toward a world of equality in every sense, for every person. 
And when they speak of you, Ms. Davis, it will be to explain how one small minded, religiously hypocritical and fanatical simple puppet; that poor Ms Davis (“Bless her heart”), was sadly used by those whose evil knows no bounds; conglomerates who hide behind company names, and write checks to buy freedom and votes like Girl Scout cookies outside of a grocery store. Who whispered in her ear insidiously of the fame and martyrdom that awaited her, the special seat at the Lord’s table that is the almighty GOD. And who faded into insignificant nothingness at the end of it all. THAT will be your legacy, and your progeny will have to endure the shame of you for generations to come. 
Keep up the good work, Kim Davis. You make the Civil Rights movement even more righteous and glorious than ever before. Well done. 

#KimDavis #RowanCounty #Kentucky


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