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Here is what gets me, and this has been weighing heavily on my heart for some days now. I saw a post a long time ago about a young girl trying to decide if she loved a boy enough to be his girlfriend or not. Her mom or dad, somebody, advised her to place the boy’s name in the beatitudes from the bible, and that would tell her if he would be good for her. (Love is patient, love is kind, etc…)

All these people who say they are god fearing Christian folks, but willing to vote for Trump, or Clinton even, I have to wonder if they did the same, would they even stop for a moment and consider that they wouldn’t be able to fit either name in any one of the Beatitudes? You can’t, not even one.

None of the candidates are perfect, not even Sanders, admittedly. However, he is the only one I’m seeing even TRYING to live with any semblance of right or compassion. But you’ll not hear any Trump supporters admit that it makes him an unfit choice for president. They ignore these teachings of their own self avowed Christian king in favor of worldly avarice, pridefulness, and what they want above what would be christ like according to their own Bible.

I am not even a very religious person, too much judgment and demands of rejection to certain people for me. But I do have a deep faith in my own spiritual path, and it hurts deep in my soul to see people I had held respect for, ignoring these things and values that I know they otherwise hold dear. ~drb


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