KING: White privilege in America means no consequences – NY Daily News

Here’s my comment:

More people need to speak up. I hear from many people “I’m just sick of being smothered, shut up about it already. We get it okay?”

No. Don’t shut up. Shutting up is the last thing anyone needs to do. That makes it easier to forget and pretend doesn’t exist. Seeing something not right and speaking up against it to defend someone else or even yourself is not browbeating, it’s doing the right thing. It’s a choice to take a hard road over the quieter, easier, complacent path of comfortable, padded silk blinders.

I’ll take being uncomfortable if it means helping someone else have a shot at a better life.

I’m an adult with ASD, raising a little girl also with ASD. I’m one of those women who automatically move away from physical proximity, but it’s not black men, it’s ALL men, and ALL women. I can count on one hand the number of bodies I don’t physically shy away from at first instinct. That includes family. When the person happens to be a stranger, and just happens to be of any ethnicity, I feel an automatic guilt, because I KNOW they (understandably) will assume it’s because of their color. I don’t look autistic. There’s no way for them to know I’d react the same to anyone else.

Part of me wants to blurt out “I swear it’s not you, it really is me.” But then I feel like they’d think I was just trying to make excuses for something. Or then I feel like I shouldn’t presume to know what they might think. I’m stuck in those social situations, and feel stupid and helpless.


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