The most precious gift

This is not a day most of my friends celebrate with parties and hotdogs. For them, this is a day to lift a glass and remember the ones who didn’t come home with them.

This is a day they struggle with..survivor’s guilt, for coming home at all. “It shouldn’t have been me,” they will say. For they would, every one of them, have gladly traded places if it meant seeing one they call Brother, Sister, live to see another sunrise.

If you know one of these men or women, CALL or go see them. Prevent another suicide today, please. Their minds may be in a completely different place today of all days.

But because they didn’t get to do that, because theirs was indeed the ultimate sacrifice, they are remembered. In memoriam, on this, Memorial day. And glasses will be poured for them as if they were right beside each other.

So celebrate. Have a cookout, make it a party. LIVE. Live a life full of all of the joy, the richness and love we can ring out of it. Live that life so the life they gave you means something, and so when those fallen look down from wherever their Elysium may be, they see it wasn’t in vain…it was Worth it.

Do this in their honor, in their memory.

Celebrate. Live. Love. 

And do not forget that it was their last, most precious gift to you, me, all of us.


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