The thing about a woman

See, that’s the thing about a woman. She’ll give, and give, and keep on giving of herself until she’s bled dry, emotionally and sometimes physically. She’ll tell you what she needs and wants from your relationship and you, she’ll fight for the “us”, not for herself. 

But when she’s done, when she’s had enough of asking and not receiving; when she’s done been the best girlfriend she can be for you and gone as long as she possibly can with this being last on your list of things you think about…when she’s done being the afterthought in your “I do what I want and you need to respect that” mind? 

It’ll take more than a half assed effort, more than some piddly little picture and a “bone” you’ve thrown her way to get her to stay. You better be prepared to make a gigantic statement of faith and love to show  her that you actually deserve her to stick around…and then be consistent with it. You can’t do just one thing or two, you better do it ALL, and for always. Because you’ve already gotten her best. Now you need to give yourself. 

When she’s done, you will have to move mountains to change her mind and give her reason to have any faith in you again. 


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