‘Resume whitening’ doubles callbacks for minority job candidates, study finds | World news | The Guardian

I hate to say this for trepidation of it coming out wrong. I’m not trying to diminish the struggle of POC in any way, but…having said that, autistic people have to do this also. Only for us it’s “masking”, or “normalizing” our resumé, often having to resort to outright lying on that “optional” question. You know the one. The one that says “do you have a disability”. 

If we say yes, we don’t get a call. If we say “I prefer not to answer”, recruiters and hiring managers know that likely the applicant does, and skips it on the OFF chance that there may need to be accommodations down the road. 

If you lie and say you don’t have a disability, and later ask for accommodation, you run the risk of being fired for lying on your application, which is just cause and will prevent you from receiving unemployment benefits, or depending on the job type, sued for breach of contract. 

If you’re not a Neuro-typical, mentally docile or emotionally flaccid worker, they won’t touch you with a 10 foot pole.



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