No winner

France called. They want their statue of liberty back so they could regift it to Canada. 

Make no mistake, America lost today, not Democrats, not libertarians, not individual candidates. Our country tripped over a line last night, and the only winners are the ones who used his name to beat up, murder, ostracize, and denigrate people like me, autistics, disabled, those who are really at risk. Compassion lost today. The soul lost today. 
If I am thankful for one thing, it’s that these people have shown me who they are. Now I know who not to trust. 
Don’t you dare come to me with glee about this day, if you call yourself my friend. Respect that for me, this is nothing to gloat over. My friends aren’t like that.

 As bad as you think Trump might be, for the next 4 years, we have to keep this mfer alive, because I assure you, Pence is 1000x worse than the Donald could ever be. For Pence, this wasn’t a reality show on steroids. He is actually filled with conviction of his fanatical and dogmatic beliefs.


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