Death by messenger

​Texting is for leaving messages for people, relaying pertinent information, and short, check-in type chitchat. Emphasis on SHORT. I do not and will never like having long, drawn out conversations via text message. I write enough on here of what I want to say to anyone. I email, and I TALK to people, if I really need interaction. I’m perfectly content with my books and coffee, ensconced in my own little bubble. 

 It’s not that I don’t like people or don’t have interest in their lives, but I am never going to be programmed to ‘catch up’ by typing with my thumbs. Call it an autistic trait, call it rude, call it a quirk of being me, call it whatever you want, but expecting me to spend more than 5 minutes chatting is only going to get you a lot of disappointment, especially if you take it as a personal slight.


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