Slinging mud and laying with pigs

​People on both sides are guilty asf of this. Every time I hear or see someone make nasty comments about his wife or God help me, his TEN YR OLD CHILD, makes me remember how outraged these same people were when it was being said about Obama and his family.

Stop calling his wife a whore. Stop calling his child a future homeschool shooter. People posting these pictures of Trump looking like Hitler conveniently forgetting the SAME PICTURES being circulated about Obama for 8 years. It wasn’t okay when people were calling Michelle Obama a chimp in a dress. And it’s not okay to call Melania a whore. 

Have I been guilty? Yep, I’ve said I think he sat too long under a radioactive cheetos wrap. But the more I keep seeing it, everywhere I look has made me stop and pull back, because it’s just as tacky as I think I is most of the time. 

Debate means you attack the issue, not the person. Don’t agree with his statements or politics? Fine, go after THAT all day long. But leave the mud slinging bc if you don’t, it will just end up you wallowing in the same mud with the other pigs.

Be better.  I sure hope I can be.


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