Baby making machines

Okay here is my unpopular opinion. Every Democrat, libertarian, and socially aware adult needs to be out there having MAD MONKEY SEX. 

Why? Because as long as there are more dumbass, ignorant redneck fucks breeding their little troglodytes who spew the same regurgitated shit and listen to mental tampons like Tomi Lahren, Breitbart, and DONALD GOD J DAMN TRUMP, we’ll never win. 

These dumb fuckwits BREED like rabbits on steroids. Because in small town, banjo country, bible belt HELL, the only thing you can do for entertainment is spray paint water towers, drink beer while you go waving your confederate flag in the back of Bubba’s muddin’ truck, and FUCK. 

To quote from the original diabolical Plantagenet, Longshanks himself, “If we can’t get them out, we’ll BREED them out.”


Because I’m sick up to my eyeballs of us being the only sane minded folks who don’t spit out 4 or 5 little mindless clones who act like rats following the pied piper, mesmerized by the pretty tune as they’re led to their slaughter.

It’s time we stopped having small, educated family units, because we know how to use condoms and birth control. It’s time we raised up our own social army, intelligent, driven, strong principled and with stronger voices than that of the bleating sheep of the ignorant masses.  

There, I’m done. \end rant.


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