Beauty and the Beast: review

Review: Beauty and the Beast 

I absolutely Love Dan Stevens in pretty much anything he does. And I love Emma Watson as well. They’re both extremely talented actors. Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts was everything I hoped it would be. 

All that said.. this movie just didn’t gel together for me. 

As someone who was groupie-fied (YES, that’s a word, or it is today) instantly when the original animation came out my senior year, this live action remake had some big shoes to fill. And though the actors were talented enough to pull it off, somehow it left me feeling like I’d rather have been watching it at home on my flat screen, wearing my comfortablest no pants ensemble.

The highlight for me was seeing all the little girls dressed up as Belle. They were ridiculously adorable. And yes, I still went googly-eyed over the library. 😉

But for everyone else, if you don’t have a small child who will enjoy the magic of the film, wait till it’s released for home. It’s not worth the hefty price tag at the theatre, the long lines, or spending $25 for two medium drinks and two boxes of candy that taste stale.


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