Entitled millennials

This was a thread off a friend’s Facebook post, where that teenaged blonde headed Tomi-walking-talking-tampon-clone spewed out some ridiculous drivel reviling her fellow millennials. 

B: “No, not that part, the other half. This raising started 30 years back, the tolerating, the changing of how we raise our children, the children having children. Look at the generation I’m speaking of. Yes, there is a huge entitlement issue, and you can say it’s yours, mine or, ours. The problem started way back then, when we disallowed discipline in school, then at home. No way am I blaming that generation, my agreement was with how they perceive their lives to be versus reality. Yes, they are a product, but that still lays no excuse to continue to allow behavior. And that’s how I took her statement. Her side was that they are the problem now, that you have more ppl worried about their in stagram accounts, than today’s news. This I agree with. It is definitely something i can relate to. I hear it everyday, I see it everyday, as I and my wife continue to keep our teens grounded and make them realize things will go bad for them, they will have to cope with things then, they’re not going to get everything they want, and that they need to work for what they want, not expect it. Because the fact is, when you have all of the high schools here, with all kids, smoking, drinking, sexing, doping, etc, there’s nothing you can tell them that will detract there instagram posting. How mom and dad got them their 40 thousand dollar vehicle in high school.entitled is a learned behavior, but I believe it started before we became parents. Noticed this when we were still in school. I believe it is a generation below us, not us persay.”

Me: “Honey, EVERY generation since the Renaissance and then the industrial revolution has made the same claim about their subsequent progeny. It’s a never ending cycle. People wanted better lives. They wanted better lives for their kids. They engaged in practices to effect that change. Machines became the rage, and then became the enemy, because it put skilled blue collar workers out of jobs they’d been secured of before. Education became more necessary, and a strong back less so. 
The flappers of the 20’s disdained those “hooligan rock and rollers” of the 50s, and then they disparaged those “disgusting hippy freaks”. THOSE looked at Gen-Xers like we were the laziest bums on the planet because we didn’t HAVE to leave home at 16, 17, or 18 anymore, get a factory job or Union job, and buy a house at 25.
But in our grandparents’ day, it was customary to GIVE a wedding couple a house, from the family. Could you just IMAGINE if that came back??? No one can afford it now, tbh. 
Each and every generation has worked to make life less inconvenient for their future progeny. And every generation has complained about how ungrateful and entitled that emerging generation is. 
Don’t complain about behavior that your grandparents, my parents, our neighbors and classmates at the 20 yr reunion have diligently brought about. If you want to complain about WHY you think this ‘new’ young generation is so bad, look no further than the mirror. (Or that blonde headed Tomi-walking-talking-tampon-clone in that video up there)”


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