You’re just mad your side lost the war

So someone put up a Confederate flag on the side of interstate 95 in Cumberland county. Needless to say it’s stirred up the hornet’s nest of emotions. 

Confederate flag on I-95

My thoughts: 

It’s amazing (and sad) that this one controversial issue gets thousands of reactions, hundreds of comments, but when you WRAL TV post news for ANY OTHER reason, it’s virtual crickets, or a couple dozen comments, most of them accusing the station of being “liberal” like it’s a cuss word. 

People who have such an emotional and psychologically unhealthy attachment to this piece of fabric: may I remind you that your precious Bible says “no other gods before me”, and “no false idols”. 

Stop worshipping a f°¢king flag. 

Whoever put this up did so to make a point, and it was a dumb one. Yes, they have the legal right to do so, but that still doesn’t make it right to do. They knew the emotional reaction people would have, and that was what they wanted. They know what it represents to a full half of this nation of citizens, and they liked that it would cause such upheaval. 

Everyone up here yapping like Chihuahuas about the supposed “historical and cultural value” of it. 


It wasn’t displayed for any of those and you know it. Your arguments are weak and tired. It was displayed as a giant middle finger, one great big F*¢K YOU. 

I’m a daughter of that confederacy. My greats-too-far-back-to-count fought in that war also. Am I proud of it? Not really. I feel not much of anything about it. I won’t apologize for what they did because it’s not what *I* did. They made their decisions and they paid for it with their lives. But I don’t go around waving it in people’s faces, either. I’m aware enough to recognize what it DOES mean to others. I don’t have an emotional attachment to a THING. 

If this was an Islamic flag, or Mexican flag, none of y’all here defending this “private property” BS would mumble so much as a peep. You’d be ready to find the person responsible, get a cigar, a blindfold, rifles and rope. Don’t even try to lie and say you wouldn’t.
Stop trying to defend the indefensible. 
When you, as an adult, decide to fly this particular flag in this day and age, after everything you’ve learned about what it symbolizes to so many people, when the education is right there at your fingertips, and you do it anyway, you’re not “showing pride” in your heritage. You’re making a silent choice inside yourself that “yeah, I know how you feel, I just don’t care.” So at least have the balls to admit THAT instead of still using this tired excuse of “heritage pride.” 

Be an asshole, or don’t be one. But own your shit. Don’t be a coward or hypocrite and pretend the reason is for anything other than what we all already know.


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