Now where did I leave my brain

Dropped​ the minion off at school. My PLAN was to take mom’s policy and mousepad that she ordered from BB’s fundraiser down to the post office and mail it. What I DID was:

Drive to post office. Wait 15 minutes in line for them to open. Get box, pack it, seal it. Realize I put in Tim’s birthday present instead of mom’s mousepad. 

Drive home, switch mousepad for plaque. 

Drive back to post office, realize I forgot the insurance policy. 

Drive back home again, grab insurance policy. 

Gas light comes on. Go fill up. Drive home. 
Realize I’ve forgotten to go back to the post office. 

Drove back to the post office. Managed to ship mousepad and insurance policy finally.
Adulting is hard. 

But at least I didn’t put my car keys in the envelope and mail that as well. #winning


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