What’s in a name

So on one social media site, I have the nickname of “Mental Magpie”. I never thought about the psychology of it until I noticed a trend in how men approach me with regard to it. 

When you see the word ‘mental’, most people would assume it to be synonymous with crazy, when in reality the word mental is just referring to the mind. I refer to the below conversation for your consideration. 

H: So why so “Mental”?

Me: Mental magpie…they go together. I’m always learning, seeking out new “mentally shiny” things. People always assume mental is a euphemism for crazy when it’s really about the mind. It’s interesting to see how many people focus on only one aspect of the term, ignoring the other. It gives an excellent glimpse into their perspective. The way they perceive things. 
Unfortunately, I have yet to meet any man who even considers that the word ‘mental’ has something to do with the brain and intelligence, rather than the obvious and mundane association with ‘crazy’. 


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