Lidl could open in weeks; work continues at Aldi

Thank you big cheese head dude in the sky!!! Now can we PLEASE do a rain dance for a Target!???? 😉


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The opening date for German grocery chain Lidl’s first U.S. stores has been announced — June 15. Maddeningly, it remains unknown whether the Sanford store — which has been under construction since late 2016 — is among those that will be open for business in a matter of weeks.

Sanford’s store is, however, on the company’s list of its first 20 stores and is slated to open “this summer.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.11.33 PMThe store’s arrival is more than “just another grocery store.” Lidl (pronounced “LEE-duhl”) has made waves in the industry by promising prices “up to 50 percent less” than its competitors, according to Much of the store’s stock will apparently consist of “private label” products, like what you’d find at Trader Joe’s or Aldi.

Speaking of Aldi, the other European discount grocery chain coming to town: While construction on the actual building doesn’t seem to have commenced, there…

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