Trump budget boosts health by slashing benefits

When you make whole, organic, fresh foods available as cheaply as junk food then you’ll see a massive shift in consumption. Processed foods high in refined sugar content and carbohydrates is much less expensive than whole, healthy fruit and veg. 

When we have neighborhood gardens that communities work on together that ensure every kid (and adult) gets quality food in their diet, when THAT becomes normal again, then you’ll see a drastic downshift from purchasing cheap processed foods. Food stamps aren’t the problem, they’re a product of the problem. These aren’t healthy and pretty much everyone knows it. But it fills the belly and stops people from feeling hunger pangs of an empty stomach, and no parent wants their kid crying from hunger. 

There’s one house I always drive past on my way home from picking up my daughter. I love driving by his house. Why? Because his front yard is a veg garden. The whole thing. It’s absolutely beautiful to see.–is-end-obama-food-stamp-folly-james-bovard-column/102292366/


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