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I can’t believe it. My soul has shattered today. 💔

I do NOT wanna hear this! Not my Chester, not my screamer. 💔 I can safely say he was the one singer with whom I most closely identified all throughout my young adult life. His pure talent was limitless and boundless. He could go from a dead scream to soft ballad in .05 seconds. His ability to transition was unparalleled.

We never know what demons live inside someone’s soul until it’s too late. His poor kids, and widow. God help me. I am crying. His star burned too bright for this world.

Annnndddd I’m crying again. He was so loved. Touched so many people. Idc if you call me silly for weeping over the death of someone I never met. I don’t think I’ve ever actually cried for a celebrity dying before. Felt sadness at the loss of life, sure, but never broke down. 

 This one hurt, more especially when I know how insidious depression is, how devastating that battle is from personal experience, and being someone for whom it was an extremely near miss, 25 years ago. Nearly every single person I know can find something to relate to in at least one of Linkin Park’s many songs. 

Yes. There is death all around. There is war, and starving people. There are atrocities aplenty. But God damnit, tonight I AM grieving. So if you have some snarky or negative remark, kindly take the piss and fuck off.





. “His body was discovered this morning just before 9am and it is believed that he hanged himself.
The singer is survived by his wife of twelve years, Talinda Ann Bennington (nee Bentley), and six children – Jamie, 21, Isaiah, 19, Draven, 15, Tyler Lee, 11, and Lily and Lila, 7.” .





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