Daily Check-In 8/10/2017

None of this is Normal

It’s Thursday.

Trump’s once again trying to pick a fight with North Korea.  There’s a lot of bluster and chest pounding involved, and this could end up in a shooting war if the grown-ups in the room don’t put him in timeout.  Personally, I think he’s trying to distract from how close and how big the Russian Investigation is getting, but I’m honestly not sure he has the ability to think ahead like that.  It’s more likely something is getting close, and he’s lashing out.

Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  His NPD is to such a severe grade that he cannot self-actualize.  Why do his handlers treat him like a child?  Because he has the mental development of an infant.  Sure, he can process language and some other basic tasks, but he suffered some severe trauma at such a young age, that his mind split.  I’ll go into more…

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