What the fuck is happening in Charlottesville. *strong language*

This line says it all: “White men were everywhere waving swastika flags and confederate flags and one video showed hundreds of men shouting “fuck your fa**ots.” Because we can’t have a KKK rally without raging toxic masculinity and white fragility.”

Nocturnal Reading

DHAC3c2UwAAJ6Et White Nationalists surround counter protestors.

Last night, swarms of neo-nazis and KKK members ran to home depot, snagged themselves a tiki torch and marched onto University of VA campus in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a confederate traitor statue, and were faced with counter-protests. One brave group made up of students held a sign that said “VA Students Act Against White Supremacy,” and they were faced with intimidation by the tiki torchers. They bravely held their ground, until the nazis savages terrorists marchers beat them down. 

VA Students Against White Supremacy hold their sign up in solidarity against white nationalists

Today, during the actual march, images of marchers flooded twitter. People online watched in horror as an unnamed armed militia strolling around with rifles strapped to their backs. For what? We don’t know. I’m not sure why these people thought they had to come to a peaceful protest with…

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