*sigh* so we knew middle school would bring its own challenges, just by sheer number of new things to adjust to, and today one of them came about.

Kiddo got really frustrated when doing an experiment with a team. Now mind you, HER team had no problems. No, this was a girl who happened to be in the team working next to theirs.

They were doing something with gummy worms, and the girl wanted kiddo’s team’s gummy. Several of them told her no including kiddo, but the girl was having none of it. She even tried to pull the friend card “but you’re my friend!”

Kiddo tried at one point to involve the teacher but that dear lady kinda dismissed it, because she chalked it up to just a kid being a kid and told kiddo to ignore her.

Well, when this girl tried to actually reach over and grab the gummy from them even after being told she couldn’t have it, my minion lost it.

She didn’t get violent towards any of her classmates, but she scratched herself and bit all up and down her arm.

The teacher noticed her looking upset so she asked what was wrong, and kiddo told her, in her adorably blunt way, what happened, and even fessed up to the self harm.

The counselor was notified, but because she was working off campus most of the morning, I’m just hearing about it now.

I hate change.


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