Breakthrough for the minion


So most of y’all know the frustrations and struggling my minion has had with her homework and getting distracted, taking 3 hours to complete one math sheet, ending up both of us in tears usually. Well her dad came through a hero for these suggestions.

Instead of sitting at table or desk trying to concentrate and zoning out constantly, have her stand up somewhere, which in my house is the kitchen counter, because there’s no other surface the right height for her to do it.

Play some kind of upbeat music in the background. Whatever your kid likes. For her it’s pop, dance, etc.

Lo and behold, she got her hw done in less than 2 hours, including math and studying for quizzes today!

She was able to move and didn’t feel restricted, caged, stifled. She was sort of tap dancing while she worked.

Also for reading assignments, had her read them out loud. This kept her aware of the task, and let me know if she fell silent then I could check and remind her to keep going.

He also showed her how to strategize, how to do the easy, quick stuff first, and then she had more time for the harder stuff, how to break them down into small, bite sized amounts that didn’t overwhelm her.



3 thoughts on “Breakthrough for the minion

  1. That was a great idea. So glad it worked for her! And why not dance a little while doing homework? I dance while cooking 😀

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    1. FireBrightStarSoul October 13, 2017 — 14:36

      Me too! I had never even thought of it.

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      1. I wouldn’t have either!


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