The invisible people

I’m shutting this down. Over the next few days or weeks, or let’s face it, whenever I have the energy to lift my head – and that’s hard enough right now as it is.. I’ve finally given up. It does no good to put my thoughts and ideas out there when somebody comes along and essentially steals them so they can get attention and recognition for it. 

I don’t have a fantasy job, or supportive spouse/partner, no trendy “colorful” background full of interesting events. I’m not quirky, outgoing or even much to look at. But my mind is important to me, and so are the ideas that spring from it. I do not deserve to have that mind exploited by people who only want a larger following on social media, or have my hard work used by someone else to make themselves “internet famous” over a stupid hashtag. 
It isn’t worth the feeling of doubt in my self worth, which is already low enough lately. 


4 thoughts on “The invisible people

  1. Oh no!! I’m so sorry this happened to you 😰. It stinks when someone takes words out of your mouth. Sometimes it’s unintentional; other times it’s not. I’ve seen topics surface in waves among the autistic community. It’s sort of like a neural network; I’ll see someone post on exactly the topic I was thinking about writing about! Or I’ll write about something, only to see that someone else recently published a very similar post that I hadn’t known was there. Or sometimes I’ll be inspired by a post and I’ll write about my take on the topic. And, sometimes, some people just steal ideas for their own personal gain. It bites, it really does. If I have ever come across as one of the latter, please know that it wasn’t on purpose, I promise! I really hope that if you have more to say, that you feel free to do so, and that you’re not leaving solely because of those people, and afraid to say more. I second Julie Cares’ comment! And I feel for you 😘❤️❤️

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    1. FireBrightStarSoul December 2, 2017 — 14:11

      No, you haven’t done that at all. You have scruples.


    2. FireBrightStarSoul December 2, 2017 — 14:12

      I wonder if there’s a way to make this private instead just to people who follow me.


  2. You can write about whatever you want. Now if you just don’t want to, I understand. I’ll miss the posts!

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