Why High Functioning Autism Is So Challenging

Psh… I can answer that without even reading that article. 

We “function” so well that the difficulties we DO have are dismissed, ignored, downplayed, overlooked, or straight out ridiculed. What we’re able to do on a GREAT day, we might not be able to on a mediocre or horrible day. Yet the people around us assume and expect we’ll be able to perform the exact same way, to the exact same standard, each and every time. Or at least MOST of the time. And when we can’t? We’re made to feel like we’re less than, like our disability isn’t REALLY a disability, it’s just an excuse, and we’ve proven ourselves to be “unreliable”. 

Small wonder we struggle with depression and heightened anxiety. We’re not allowed to show our Autism, not really. If we can’t at least keep pretending to be “high” functioning, most of the time, then we’re not worth wasting money or time on to hire or train.

Part of that is the pervasive predilection of certain autistic people to ONLY post how great their lives are, how they’re manifesting their way through their autism, and never taking off that mask. Believe me, I know several like that. They LOVE to perpetuate that myth of the lovable but slightly annoying Sheldon or Amy Farafowler. 
They hurt the rest of us by doing this. You can’t explain this to them of course. They get extremely offended and go off on wild tangents trying to justify themselves. 

Note: once I went back and did read the article? I CALLED IT.



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