My mom is not an Autism (Warrior) Mom(TM)

Like all of the other awesome parents of Asperger’s/autistic kids today, she was (and still is) all about letting kids grow and develop on their own, and she’s flexible and open-minded enough to say that they would do what they were meant to do when they were ready to do so.

She noticed when I didn’t talk until I was two, but she didn’t freak out. She shrugged and thought, “oh well, she will when she’s ready”. She noticed when I suddenly began talking one day, out of the blue, in clear compound-complex sentences. She noticed when I could suddenly read one day when I was three. She noticed that I clapped my hands under the glass top of the coffee table repeatedly. She noticed that I spun for hours, with glee, in the living room to music.


1 thought on “My mom is not an Autism (Warrior) Mom(TM)

  1. Awww! Thank you so much for the share, my lovely! 😘❤️


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