Ann’s Autism Blog: …And the audience said ‘No’. A pivotal moment in autistic history.

This is such a refreshing thing to read. Be assured. Our voices are growing. More and more Autistic kids are emerging and using their own voices, adding theirs to ours, and we will be heard.

But now, a huge and growing number of the non-autistic professionals are agreeing that it’s not OK. The non-autistic professionals are saying ‘no’ to theories that humiliate autistic people and their families. They are wanting to listen. They are wanting to learn directly from autistic people of all kinds and of all backgrounds. They are seeing us as allies, rather than zoo exhibits or examples of broken things that need fixing.

It was a pivotal moment. A moment where it became OK for such professionals to say a public, ‘NO!’ to their colleagues who want to speak about us and our families in ways that ‘other’, humiliate, blame or shame.


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