Preparing for April, the Trauma Month

“Back to the trauma of National Autism Month, and World Autism Day: We are traumatized. I don’t speak for all of us, and never can, but for many of us, the anxiety leading up to Autism Month and Autism Day can last a month, and the recovery can last another month. Autism Month and Autism Day literally drives us crazy and gives us anxiety and PTSD.”

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

Now, this might seem a little silly, but to many of us autistic people, April is very traumatizing. National Autism Month is pitted against us. It is brought on by self-aggrandizing “Warrior Moms” who thrive on drama and tell their kids they are tragedies and will never amount to anything.  We get anxiety in March, and have to recover in May. That’s how much April hurts us.

I am going to state an unpopular opinion, come to by observation: The “Warrior Moms” are not entirely to blame. No, they’re not. A lot of “Warrior Moms” are created by doctors who always see the absolute worst in autistic people. The doctors are trained to see the bad in every condition that they are seen for. For example, my mother was told to prepare for me not to get any better than I was at age three. Now, my mother prayed and…

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