The Bean Machine.: The Gig Economy.

4: Everybody has to be a salesman.
Selling ourselves is the hardest thing us Autistics tend to deal with when it comes to the employment process. In this hypercompetetive world where there are too many people applying for a single job, it’s often difficult to stand out of the crowd. Autistics tend to prefer to be modest and honest with themselves and err on realism as opposed to selling a story that is shrouded in some form of lies, even if those lies tend to push to sell ourselves. Selling yourself is indeed a truthful form of lying, but it is still a lie, pers sais. It’s ignoring your realistic shortcomings and hiding those shortcomings from those who wish to get to know you. In the same regard, nobody tells you what a product cannot do within its own functional context, they only tell you what it can do within its functional context.


3 thoughts on “The Bean Machine.: The Gig Economy.

  1. “Where intellect meets intuition” this tagline proves, you can sell. You just need training.

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  2. Don’t speak for my autism bro. Sales thrill me, I live on the pitch and the job interview. I have more of a problem containing enthusiasm than I do pitching myself. Not every autistic person has a fragile ego.


    1. FireBrightStarSoul March 13, 2018 — 10:28

      1. I’m not a bro. 2. I’d suggest taking that up with the writer of the original article. 3. Thanks for stopping by.


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