Normal Is Overrated » Autism Speaks Hits A New Low

This was published way back in Sept 2009, just after A$ released their notorious video, “I am Autism.” I’ll link to the archived video as well.

Autism Speaks sent out this press release encouraging people to submit videos of autistic individuals for use in an upcoming film project. This project had huge names behind it— most notably, award-winning movie director Alfonso Cuarón, the man behind both Children of Men and the third Harry Potter movie— and was to be titled “I Am Autism.” According to Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright, this project was intended to “shine a bright spotlight on autism,” and was to be unveiled at the United Nations World focus on Autism on September 22.


Yesterday was September 22. The final cut of that video was not only played at the United Nations meeting, but also released to the world via YouTube. And it was notwhat I was expecting. In fact, it was worse than even the worst-case scenario that I could think of.


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