Riko’s Theory

I love her theory. I hope it’s proven someday.

Riko's blog: PDA and more.

I just realised that unless I write it out, people might not know where this particular theory comes from. As you probably know, there’s no evidence that PDA, as a real thing and not just a description of traits, exists. With Autism there are some genes that have been discovered which shows physical evidence that Autism ‘is a thing’, and there have been many studies and much research into Autism itself. But as PDA is still relativly new and there is little research, the research there is being behavioural studies, it can be difficult to show emphirical evidence that PDA is a very real difference.

As such, this means all the knowledge we have on PDA and what causes it are based on visible behaviours and educated guesses into the possible causes. This is mostly from an outside looking in approach, and while valid, is still far from the empirical…

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