Ever wish you could go back in time??


Yeah, I’m a bitter fucking cunt. Sorry, not sorry. Hope you choke on it.


Mirror of my life

They say if you meet one autistic person, you’ve met ONE person with autism. No two are alike. I agree emphatically with that statement. However, having said that, I could have written this myself, and have, many times, on my own blog, in emails, in person, in therapy.. almost word for word.

The exhaustion of autism

“The fact I know what’s wrong with me and how I react to things doesn’t mean I can stop those reactions! That’s like knowing you are allergic to peanut butter and saying, hey, body, stop doing what you’re wired to do because I said so! If only I could do that because nobody enjoys being out of control!

I’ve changed and grown, and continue to change and grow, but it’s a terribly long process that unfortunately required a lot of time and effort and pain because unfortunately, I learn by doing and sometimes, that meant doing the same shit over and over again until I “got it right.” …By the way, that’s not very effective in life, and people aren’t very forgiving of what they see as you repeating the same stupid mistakes over and over again. But hey, I was left to figure it out on my own.”

Serial Flirter

Wtf is it with some people? Y’all confuse the hell out of me. Had a guy message me on Whisper, after I posted this picture.

And since I’ll usually reply to messages if they’re cool about it, we chatted for a couple of days. He sent me a good morning message asking what’s up, and I responded how I always do, (ALWAYS) “me – 😦 “. He asked if I wanted to be back in bed, well duh…is Sunday and it’s raining. Of COURSE I want to be lazy in bed.

Then BAM, he went right for it. “Ohh, with me?” Wink wink, nudge nudge.
*groan* I just “lol’d” away from it, which he caught and said “not gonna answer that are you?” Umm, correct. He somehow took that to mean and actually said to me “okay that means yes you do but you won’t admit it.”

Yes, but I won’t admit it?

Bitch I’m generally not an asshole. But don’t put words in my mouth, and don’t read into what I do say. Don’t mistake me being a “not asshole” for being sexually interested in you. I’m friendly, playful, and sometimes I’m sarcastic and funny. Don’t confuse that for flirting.

I’m not a serial flirter. If I like you, then I LIKE. YOU. Not you and 5 other cockwombles stumbling around looking just as brainless as you did 5 seconds ago.